VHD Construction: Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization, Realization Aerial Photo- & Videography
VHD Construction:Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization,RealizationAerial Photo- & Videography

Why choose us

As construction and 3D Home Design experts, VHD Construction brings a strong work ethic to each of our projects and use the latest technological advances. We pay close attention to the details regarding sustainable construction and understand the desired result.

With our On-Site-Consultation and Construction Service VHD Construction assists in establishing the feasibility of a project. Upon the full understanding of a client’s goals, budget, preferences and existing conditions, we’ll facilitate the solutions to meet your needs.


One of the biggest difficulties to build a house in Thailand is the communication between you (Farang) and the builder. Mostly the communication goes via the Thai wife: often she has a limited English knowledge and no idea of construction at all.
As you are communicating directly with the owners of VHD Construction, we are able to transfer all you ideas and information to our teams and all their answers to you on a one-to-one base without any „(Miss-)interpretation“.
Beware of this communication problem (Farang/Thai) and of utilizing an unqualified contractor as in most cases even the engineers won't understand English and European thinking, they will ignore building codes and manufacturer’s specifications and requirements and employ substandard installation practices, they won’t keep their timeline and they won’t guaranty for their work.
VHD Construction guaranty for their work up to 5 years and will provide you with the best service and advice for your project and work to turn your dreams into reality.

Our German manager has many good ideas that Thai's do not come up with: specially regarding European design, power wiring & saving, accessories, green homes etc.
Financial Sustainability

VHD Construction has no sales team which has to generate constantly new contracts to create the cash flow to keep projects alive and to be able to finish ongoing projects as it is „a common procedure“ here in Thailand. You might be asked to pay „additional advanced deposits“ all along the construction period to keep your own project running.

Our clients money is used for their project only!

We are only accepting as many construction projects at one time as we are able to control on a daily basis.

We even add a new state-of-the-art service: VHD Flying Camera which offers Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography to enhance our customers to get a bird-eyes-view of the terrain they intend to buy as you can see the surrounding area , to get a better idea where to locate the new house up to monitoring the construction till final checks.

You will find us here

Virtually There Home Design & Construction

Co. LTD.


161 M6 Nayard / SamPhrao

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+66 83 141 7106

Samorn Phosri

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+66 94 263 3411

Eduard Horvath

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