VHD Construction: Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization, Realization Aerial Photo- & Videography
VHD Construction:Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization,RealizationAerial Photo- & Videography

Our FREE* Service -                 Personal & Unique

# 1     FREE* Planing & Conceptualization Service
# 2     FREE* Engineering & Architectural Service
# 3     FREE* 3D Realtime Rendering & Visualization Service
# 4     Project Management & Construction Service
        - sustainable house construction
        - on-site project management
        - pool / deck design & construction
        - landscaping
        - renovation & remodeling

        - Aerial Construction Monitoring
# 5     Financial Sustainability
         Our clients money is used for their project only!
# 6    Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography


* If you choose our        3D Realtime Rendering & Visualization Service you get
                             # 1    FREE* Planing & Conceptualization Service
* If you choose our        Project Management Service you get
                            # 1     FREE* Planing & Conceptualization Service
                            # 2     FREE* 3D Realtime Rendering & Visualization Service
* If you choose our        Construction Service you get
                            # 1     FREE* Planing & Conceptualization Service
                            # 2     FREE* Engineering & Architectural Service
                            # 3    FREE* 3D Realtime Rendering & Visualization Service
                            # 6    FREE* Aerial Construction Monitoring

* Terms and Conditions apply



The basic work we will do via e-mail - specially if you are stationed outside Isaan (Thailand).
After finishing the "shell" (foundation, floors, walls & roof), means when it comes to details of your new house like colors and textures or landscape design, we will visit you personally to work together on all details in realtime.

Having worked with many clients who found it difficult to visualize a 2 dimensional floor plan in terms of what it will look like when built, we feel it is very important to convey as much information as possible about the proposed residence.

That is why we offer multi 3 dimensional views of each plan (see 3-D VIEWS). We feel it is important to be able to get a sense of what it would be like living in a particular home right down to the furnishing and décor, to guide a future homeowner in selecting the right house plan for their needs and lifestyles.

You will find us here

Virtually There Home Design & Construction

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161 M6 Nayard / SamPhrao

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+66 83 141 7106

Samorn Phosri

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+66 94 263 3411

Eduard Horvath

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