VHD Construction: Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization, Realization Aerial Photo- & Videography
VHD Construction:Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization,RealizationAerial Photo- & Videography

About Us

From a Thai-German specialized 3D Design firm with strong construction background VHD Construction emerged to a full construction company for residential homes, apartments and renovation emphasizing of sustainable construction.


At VHD Construction we have made a conscious decision to use our Quality to be “different” as home builders in Udon Thani. We like it that way because we are not content with our new homes simply built to the standards of our industry or competitors. Based on the terms of sustainable construction we want you to have a home that lasts, is something you’re proud of and proud to show off. Quality is ingrained in our top home building process from start to finish.
We even add a new state-of-the-art service: Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography to enhance our customers to get a bird-eyes-view of the terrain they intend to buy as you can see the surrounding area , to get a better idea where to locate the new house up to monitoring the construction till final checks.


Even from a sketch on a napkin VHD Construction will create your dream house floor plan and with our qualified and certified Architect and Engineer team we can supply you with all necessary documents if you will need a permission to build your house.

Every good project starts with various plans.
A good design is based on all the traditional plans such as floor plans, elevation, electrical plans, doors and windows schedules.
All this plans we will needs to quote your project and actually to build it.


But this traditional 2D blueprints are not longer enough.
Technology has changed the way design looks.  In addition to the traditional types of plans for the builder we are also utilizing new technologies so you, as homeowner, will exactly know how your final project will look like.
We've invested in cutting-edge architectural home design software that allows our clients to walk through their homes and place furniture with out ever driving a nail.

By creating detail 3D realtime renderings of the project we are able to show the house owner exactly, how the project will look like even before the construction begins.


VHD Construction can build you dream house or apartment block with the conventional construction method but we are one of the first house builders in Udon Thani who ventures into sustainable construction and build a complete steel frame house with EnduroCore steel frame and BlueScope Colorbond roofing, which come with a warranty of 30 years.


One of the biggest difficulties to build a house in Thailand is the communication between you as a foreigner and the builder. Mostly the communication goes via the Thai wife: often she has a limited English knowledge and no idea of construction at all.
Our Thai General Manageress speaks fluent English and is very capable to communicate with our construction teams as she has knowledge about building a house from basement to roof.
Our General Manager speaks fluent German and English and started to work in construction in Germany when he was a Student.
So we are able to transfer all you ideas and information to our teams and all their answers to you on a one-to-one base without any „interpretation“.

We even add a new state-of-the-art service: Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography to enhance our customers to get bird-eyes-view of their project up to monitoring the construction till final checks.


What ever construction option you are choosing, we are looking forward to bring your dreams to life…..

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