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Sustainable Residential Construction 

Whether you have a piece of land that you're looking to build your own unique, individual and luxury home on, you're looking to build an Apartment block for renting it out or you like to improve your current property with an infinity pool, luxurious extension or refurbishment.
VHD Construction have the experience and expertise to deliver the construction of your luxury or premium home in Udon Thani Province to the highest standards.

Conventional is a misnomer as there is nothing that is conventional about our homes! But if you're looking for something using conventional techniques, that is a concrete structure, we are your source for design, customization and construction but still focusing of delivering a sustainable construction.

Focusing on sustainable construction we don’t just build houses, we build worthy homes that match your lifestyle, that protect your health, and that consider the impacts of your home on our planet at every stage, from designing your blueprints to putting out your welcome mat.
VHD Construction is one of the first house builders in Udon Thani who ventures into sustainable construction. Green homes are on the rise, as a forward thinking company we continue to improve sustainability on a build.

In Udon Thani we build the first complete steel frame house for our Australian Customer with TRUECORE® steel and BlueScope Colorbond® roofing, which comes with a warranty of 30 years.
Outstanding advantage of building with steel frames is the very short construction time.
To put up the house and roof frames it took 4 people only 1 week and another week to put up the roof.

Steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel delivers a range of environmental benefits, both immediate and long term
The relative light weight of steel framing, combined with its design versatility and flexibility, means a steel-framed house can be built with minimal site impact.
Quite literally, it 'touches the earth lightly'.
This is especially apparent on sloping and difficult sites where it can be used in conjunction with suspended flooring systems, reducing the need to cut into the site and thus leaving a much smaller imprint.
And because steel frames are fabricated off-site to exact specifications, there is minimal cutting and wastage onsite - making for a cleaner building environment. Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet.
Not only is TRUECORE® steel 100 per cent recyclable, it is made with a component of recycled steel.
Because steel requires no additional chemical treatments, steel framing is recognized as a healthy home alternative for people suffering from asthma.



Manufacturing changes made to the latest version of Colorbond® steel have produced substantial environmental improvements.
The use of BlueScopes magnesium-incorporating Activate Coating Technology as the foundation for Colorbond® steel has increased the material’s life span while using fewer metal resources.

The reduction in environmental impact is the result of innovation in the metal coating formulation on the new Colorbond® steel substrate, which delivers an increased life span while using fewer metal resources. Adding to the environmental benefits of Colorbond® steel is its use of Thermatech® technology, which can reduce the amount of heat entering a building through the roof (Termatech® can help reduce peak roof temperatures by up to 11ºC and provides an equivalent increase in insulation of up to R1.0.)    
Thermatech® can be an effective way to reduce a building’s energy load through less reliance on air conditioning to maintain a comfortable internal temperature; potentially saving occupants money on air-conditioning costs as well as potentially reducing emissions from electricity generation.
As environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important in the construction of new buildings, and Colorbond® steel is ideal for creating buildings which satisfy environmental rating tool requirements such as the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star program.
New Colorbond® steel is still 100% recyclable and manufactured by a responsible steelmaker, BlueScope, with the benefit of being more environmentally sustainable than its predecessor.

For more information about BlueScope and Warranties please visit:



Being a leader in green building, VHD Construction project managers will help you balance all of the decisions there are to make when building your „green“ home options that will:
    •    help you reduce your ecological footprint
    •    decrease your monthly energy and heating costs
    •    increase the overall value and marketability of your home

Whatever type of construction you choose, we listen to what our customers want, understanding their needs and adapt the project to optimize their land and budget.





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