VHD Construction: Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization, Realization Aerial Photo- & Videography
VHD Construction:Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization,RealizationAerial Photo- & Videography

On-Site Consultation & Supervision Services



 With our On-Site Consultation & Supervision Services, you won’t have to deal with several contractors, sub-contractors and engineers, just with one professional who has gained a full understanding of your goals and can communicate them directly to everyone involved. 

Plus lines of communication are always clear all the way up to the company’s owner to help ensure that there are never any miscommunications or delays.


During the project we will follow up with the workmanship according to European Standards and have progress meetings to make sure that we are proceeding according to the contract.

This comes very handy specially when you are outstation or abroad and have no time to check on your project frequently!



We offer regular reports including video/pictures as well as aerial construction monitoring via the internet and keep you fully informed as work progresses against the agreed schedule. 

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