VHD Construction: Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization, Realization Aerial Photo- & Videography
VHD Construction:Creation, 3D Realtime Visualization,RealizationAerial Photo- & Videography

Welcome to Virtually There Home Design & Construction  (VHD)

Whether you have a piece of land that you're looking to build your own unique, individual and luxury home on, you're looking to build an Apartment block for renting it out or you like to improve your current property with an infinity pool,  luxurious extension or refurbishment.
VHD Construction have the experience and expertise to deliver the construction of your luxury or premium home in Udon Thani Province to the highest standards.


You are part of the next generation of homeowners. And VHD Construction is the next generation of homebuilders. Focusing on sustainable construction we don’t just build houses, we build worthy homes that match your lifestyle, that protect your health, and that consider the impacts of your home on our planet at every stage, from designing your blueprints to putting out your welcome mat.

We even add a new state-of-the-art service: VHD Flying Camera which offers Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography to enhance our customers to get a bird-eyes-view of the plot they intend to buy as you can see the terrain and surrounding area, to get a better idea where to locate the new house up to monitoring the construction work from start till final checks.


How can VHD Construction help you build the perfect house?

Starting with CREATION    
we can work with given architectural plans, or provide in house designs
- even from a sketch on a napkin.
always having sustainable construction in mind seeking to minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space.

Where necessary, with our qualified and certified Architect and Engineer teams we can supply you with all necessary documents if you will need a permission to build your house.

The majority of projects we undertake are on a design and build basis so all you have to do is be ready to move in.

Most house buyers have difficulties visualizing their homes by looking through a series of 2D blueprints.
To minimize this issue, we offer our 3D VISUALIZATION SERVICE. These services provide homeowners with the ability to see their homes before they build it. This also allows our clients to change the exterior of the house if needed. Furthermore, we can show you the future interiors of your home thereby creating a “visual” walkthrough.


Only after your are happy with the floor plan and the 3D VISUALIZATION of your new house we will proceed to



Every project, big or small, is given full attention. We are committed to delivering only the highest standards of service, from design to construction.

VHD Construction is one of the first house builders in Udon Thani who ventures into sustainable construction. Green homes are on the rise, as a forward thinking company we continue to improve sustainability on a build

Being a leader in green building, our project managers will help you balance all of the decisions there are to make when building your „green“ home options that will:
    •    help you reduce your ecological footprint
    •    decrease your monthly energy and heating costs
    •    increase the overall value and marketability of your home

Whatever type of construction you choose, we listen to what our customers want, understanding their needs and adapt the project to optimize their land and budget.

Another key difference is that the owners Samorn & Eduard play a direct role in each and every home of VHD Construction. And, unlike traditional homebuilders and general contractors, we are working with a consistent team of experienced employees and loyal group of family owned subcontractors on all our projects.
This means that we all share the same values and are working toward the goals we share with you: to build a modern and architecturally stunning home that matches your lifestyle needs, is focused on your health and considers the impact of every building decision on the planet.


With our own pool of trained employees clients have less to worry when it comes project scheduling as it minimizes the need to liaise with multiple bodies thus, reducing miscommunications - ultimately, being more cost effective.


One of the biggest difficulties to build a house in Thailand is the communication between you (Farang) and the builder. Mostly the communication goes via the Thai wife: often she has a limited English knowledge and no idea of construction at all. As you are communicating directly with the owners, we are able to transfer all you ideas and information to our teams and all their answers to you on a one-to-one base without any „(Miss-)interpretation“.


Furthermore, enhancing our company's services, VHD Construction also provide optional Landscaping, Pool Design & Construction what comes very handy with our Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography as well as Interior Remodeling including 3D Visualization to provide that full in-house service in representing
The Complete Reconstructed/Remodeled Home that our clients can be proud of.

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